About Me

Hi, I’m Christian Bieck, chbieck on social media.

About me and my writing

If you’ve come here, it’s most likely because you’ve run across my writing somewhere, and are interested in knowing more. You’ve come to the right place, whether it’s for the left brain or the right brain stuff.

In my day job, I am a futurist. I work in the thought leadership unit of IBM, the IBM Institute for Business Value, doing research about the future of business, and writing about it. (Most of it in the field of insurance.) Up to this day, I’ve (co-)authored and published some 40 studies and papers on various topics, such as customer experience, AI, insurance of the future, and many more. Lots of left brain here!

In my spare time, I also write. Like many writers, I am opinionated, so there might be something on the blog to argue about from time to time. And I write fiction. Mostly fantasy and a bit SF. Right brain, yay! All the way from novels to short stories, and even shorter stories. You’ll find some of my short fiction on this site. Novels, you won’t find on here — but if you’re an agent or editor, feel free to contact me, of course, and I’ll send you my pitch. I am currently querying my second novel — I want to give traditional publishing a shot. It’s a standalone, but as it gave one of my test readers a “book hangover”, I might have ideas to make it into a series. We’ll see! In the meantime, started working on another one, a fantasy mystery.

(We’ll stay silent about the first novel I wrote – almost every new author starts out with something less than perfect…)

I’ve written both adult and children’s fiction (YA and younger). The novel I mentioned, A Basquet of Cats, is adult fantasy, but suitable for all ages. Most of my writing is in English, some in German.

What else? I live in rural France in a secret compound with my spouse, two cats, two dogs, two goats, a varying number of chickens and a few thousand bees.